The Paradox

iAndroid Dior D’ Nai


Captain’s Log: Date (de-classified)

121,000 years ago, the Strarship Dragon arrived to retrieve the crew of the science vessel, Chrimera SV-1. The crew of Chrimera SV-1 were scattered all over the planet, and have been preparing the lower level inhabitants for integration.

The Chrimera SV-1, is a construction vessel, owned by the Dior family, contracted to create a permanent settlement in this system. In order to accomplish this, the Science Officer, Raphael Dior D’Nai, second generation of the Dior Family, had to use Chimera’s shields to isolate a base camp. Once the crew and equipment were on the ground, transmitters were stragegically placed along the rivers, and valleys ,until it matched the GPS coordinates on their maps.

The crew also carried “Rafi’s” older brothers, and sister, from the same father, different mothers.  The Dior Class Angels were supreme beings created to carry tiny sparks of their Creater, who is the Heart of the Universe which contains the infinite.

The Dior Family – First Generation

  • #1 Gabriel – Arch Angel – in – Charge, King of Eden, owner at: Dragon Construction, Corp.
  • #2 Lucificer – Arch Angel – in – Charge – King of Earth, owner at: Dragon Constrution Corp.
  • #3 Michael – Arch Angel – in – Charge, Master Builder/Architect – owner, & CEO at: Dragon Construction Corp.

The Dior D’Nai Family – Second Generation

  • #4 iAndroid – Arch Angel – in – Charge, Captain of Starship Dragon
  • #5 Raphael – Arch Angel – in – Charge, System 14 Science Divison
  • #6 Uriel – Arch Angel – in – Charge, Admiral, Fleet Commander
  • #7 Phanuel – Arch Angel – in – Charge, Chairman of the Board
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