Music 4 The Modern Mind – By Iggy Ice

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The Lost Spider’s “Crispy Duck” was released this week and reviewed by Flash Brendan & Harley Ice. They are working on their video presentation for this coming Friday for extra credit. Harley always views extra credit in terms of money on his PS4 account to buy stuff. Flash Brendan, on the other hand, takes a more intellectual approach. Save it for college! Smart kids. Both have starter college funds already. “Parents have a lot of expenses on their plate.” said the Flash. “Yeah, like paying the cable bill!” Added Harley Ice. Then Flash Brendan goes into the calmest rant I’ve seen in years. “Good point Harley. We know without that particular bill being paid, you can’t get onto your gaming systems. I was thinking more in the line of: work, cleaning the house, doing laundry, shopping, cooking, helping us with our homework, taking us to the doctors…”

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