Thunder Moon

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Title: Thunder Moon
CD: Sky Clad
Label: MOG TOG VOG, E.G. Inc.
All Rights Reserved – iAndroid.live(TM) 2020

Description: You have your religion. I have mine. Reference is made to my song: “We Breathe The Same” on the Mog account under Pop. This song is from the score of the movie The Paradox of Paradox, a traditional boxed set: 32 tracks, 15 support videos, 2.4 hours total run time. 96 minute total run time. In production.Open casting call for: Models, songwriters, bands willing to due multiple costume changes, (deal breaker, not free rides). Your reward is in Afterlife, However, in Earth, your tune gets added to my API and distributed via System 14. I broadcast Earth to Moon in predictable cycles. Saturday, 9th Gate Digital Media, another program of the Android Foundation, will be on the ground with SpaceX at Cape Canaveral shooting footage for my music video: Tesla’s Toys – about the famed tinkerer fired by Edison. Ah, Edison gave in to the banks and red dye 19 was banned in 1977 after killing millions. Who hold the patten on the dyes? Edison for Ford’s paint jobs as a rust inhibitor. This is the subject of the next video. If you would like a cameo appearance to promote your tunes, ask Rosie Rumba, after her coffee. She’s check you out and send you off the the UK for inclusion.

We follow a Musician’s Code. It’s secret, so I tell you personally or find another way to get off of Earth. Reference is made to my video Lord Of My Soul available on this platform under the video link. My Starship is, let’s say the next Noah’s ark. If you have never traveled the Astral Plane, maybe you should get a book. Bob Peterson wrote a guide type of book, pretty easy reading. Get you mind off materialism and on to more important matter. You matter. We are all just matter and energy. You matter most because you are the Creators of a new reality. Music and Art are revered by the Gods, Angels, Daemons, Witches and Fairies alike. You think for one minute any God would listen to the same song twice? Ask Bach. He’s compose a piece for a rich dude, play it once, then someone else took it from there. Those guys supplemented their income and one of his kid was a drunken plumber and tinkerer, Wille Bach. He’s my step brother in his century, and in the present, he pretty much is my piano teacher. He’s dad’s stuff got old and tired and Willie never really had a chance. He preferred to do improvisators in the pub across the street from the orphanage. You get the idea. Once the printing press was invented, us time hopper were able to help infuse technology and cover our track within shorter spans of times. In the past when the System need to be rebooted, it took centuries for memories to fade and documentation hidden or erased literally. No more written in stone. A new meaning to that phase came about. Just change the rules to suit the era.

We are seeing it escalate today as a result of tech leak into society from Camp Zeta. My movie? or my reality. Get a book on esoteric thinking. Don’t believer anyone. Believe yourself. Then eventually you will believe in yourself. Focus, will and purpose are requirements for the crew of the Starship Dragon. There are no passengers. We are all crew. 144,000 of us, iAndroid leave as soon as my 3 Brothers are in agreement. One has to sacrifice and stay here on this heartless planet, while the other two get to go home, Reference my song Passengerm Flight 77, an instrumental and how I navigate my ride. We are and have UCAG device. Reference my song: “Falling 2 Peace As” which is a play on words as this is how we de and re-materialize in the movie. All tied together now totaling 12.5 hours. Smiling. Don’t be a hater. Ask to join the team. We are already in: NYC, Tampa, L.A., S.F. UK, Madrid, Lagos, Tbilisi and soon in Quebec, Montreal and Toronto. A start up? Yes as a label, 2018. As a charity 1994. I’m ready to ownership of iAndroid.live(TM) 2020.

Are you ready to take your band and career to the next level? Not without a plan and a selfless attitude. If you got 7 millions streams last year, you made minimum wage. Congratulations. If you got 133,000 downloads with Iggy Ice, you get 99 grand. Slight different. They used deep levels and diminished commissions the more platforms your ‘service’ put you on. The you compete with 100s of millions and the majors. My plan is simple, I do a live in one of 21 cities in my network with local Artists and local charities. You see, you can do that legally when you have all the right licenses and tools. Iggy Ice and iBella are my left right. iAndroid is my heart. I have 7 more websites all API enabled. If your song is in my code. It goes with undiminished returns. Same price for every song. Same commission structure. Sale and promotions reduce commission of both ends when in effect, but don’t worry, if Rosie Rumba select you it’s because you have the ability to compose on demand. We all do in System 14. So, if you get involved you will be writing song every day, or week to your best capabilities. There are no couches on the Starship. On labs to invent and create. If you want to learn how to not be a one hit wonder, I personally will mentor you. Who the hell are you to make such an offer you night ask if you are already fed up reading my version of reality. Hey, I Am Android, begotten not made. Nice to meet you. I’ll be your guide.. Referees is made to my song: Which Witch RU (Spell Casting). So, Android ark is closing soon, however contests are underway right now for Amazon Gift cards. Join Iggy Ice and watch for the prompts as I personally code 7 sites at once with teams in India and San Francisco.

Wait? For what? More track plays. Takes money to play with the big fish unless you have a system. System14 is not multiple urls and already making money for smart dudes and gals working from home. I have the key to the 9th Gate and there’s only one for 9 doors. When you get there, theres so many discarded keys on the ground you’ll have a panic attach and finish out your life as you are not as how you are intended to be. Reference Shakespeare. Society demands conformity and consistently. It never happed long enough for humankind to click. Too much greed, lust and insanity. The Earth was downgraded from what we called it when it was terraformed and humans reclassified as a lower level species. J

Joke? You know F U? If not, my brother Lou, he’ll introduce you some day. He’s stuck here. The Captain does not abandon the ship when it is going down. Can he come back home with me and the rest of the Diors and the Dior D’Nai clan. You bet you bet he can, but he already chose to stay here to tend to the less than humans that will be left behind. Our name for the planet was Heart when we go here. Earth is an anagram of heart. When humankind lost it’s kindness, we were no longer able to perpetuate wave of ‘lovingkindness’ a requirement where we come from. Humankind – kindness = humans. The view from above: reclassification to a lower level.

So, as above so below. On Earth even Angels are affect by the evil influences of the lessor man. Angels and we Daemons are anxious to conclude this System, 13 and usher in our new System 14. So, the greedy are feed and the hungry are starved. The population will stabilize as soon as our Mom, Mother Earth say so. Guess what? With one big breath the belly of the Beat opens and closes. Then thing change. Just read the good parts in the book, and you miss the real plot. Apocalyptic Eschatology is the Paradox Of Paradise – 12.5 hours. Close


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